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Welcome to my website.  

After decades of performance improvisation, site specific and solo performance,  paper and book arts, collage, collaboration and more recently painting, I now find myself quilting. 

Quilting. In February 2023 I started with a quilting no-no: working with the unruly wriggly unpredictable material of cashmere, specifically my mom’s cashmere. Working with unpredictable materials follows my many years of improvisational practice of playing with / saying 'hello' to what is calling me and listening for what needs to come forward.  It took me ten years to cut into my mom’s cashmere sweaters. I can’t do that,  I can do it. I must do it. With each new work we destroy and create - hello goddess Kali! There’s beauty in all of it - look what we end up with! 

I’m a San Francisco Bay Area native and recently moved to Minnesota. I left the extremes of the earthquakes, drought and fires for the different kinds of extremes here. It is gorgeous to be here.

We are storytelling creatures. I’m a person who needs to tell and hear stories, but maybe it's my short attention span or my belief that stories fall apart and have multiple entry and exit points/ beginnings, middles and ends. In this way I see my improvisational quilts like the non-linear stories I tell and hear: grids that disintegrate, disrupt, reassemble and transform with some mysterious resolution.

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